The kids have been walking a dog for friends who are away. I joined them for a lovely walk on the beach today.  A bright October day.

All part of the “Can we get a dog?” campaign.

It’s been running for some time but has reached its peak this week.

Someone round every corner ready to ask.”Can we get a dog?”

“Can we Dad? Can we get a dog? Can we?”

Text messages too: Can we? Can we? Can we?

Last thing at night: “Can we?”.

First thing in the morning: “Dad? Can we?”.

I got an email from a workmate marked “Important!”

It said: “Get the weans a dug, go on,

go on,

go on,


I feel surrounded.

Tonight my younger daughter ran her mum a bath, layed out towels, assorted soaps and lotions and brought a brimming glass of wine.

“That was kind.” I said.

“No – I just want a dog.” Was the reply.