Abbey and ethyline

A view from above that little beach – with the Braefoot terminal, Inchcolm, Edinburgh and the Pentland Hills beyond.

Just along from here is the “Monk’s Cave” and the WW2 Charles Hill gun emplacement.

An anti submarine net ran from here out to Inchcolm – you can still find bits on the shore.There was also one on the other side of the river between Cramond and Cramond Island.

Great place to sit quietly and watch the seals and seabirds. You might dream of building a cabin here – if it wasn’t in the blast zone…

The Monks’ Cave isn’t a cave as such but the remains of a strange little medieval building built into the side of the hill.  I think the theory is that  it was used for storage by the monks crossing from here to the Abbey on Inchcolm.  More recently it was used to store ammunitiion in the second world war.

Sea Mayweed

Flowers at the high tide line on a local beach. Sea Mayweed I think.

Within sight and sound of seals basking on low tide rocks and the abbey on Inchcolm.  Oh, and the Braefoot terminal loading ethyline on to a tanker.

A perfect beach for a quiet picnic perhaps – shells on the strand and lots of sea sculpted driftwood.

Wikipedia tells me that in Iceland this plant is called Baldr’s Brow – after the son of Odin.