Dog days 2

Well we did, as requested, get the weans a dug.


Meet Holly – part retriever, part labrador.

She already feels part of the family so it’s all good I guess. Luckily we all enjoy a walk on the beach. 


Today there was some real warmth to the sun and with the snowdrops in flower in the woods it felt like spring. 

Hard to believe only two days ago the snow was piling down all day.



Dog days




The kids have been walking a dog for friends who are away. I joined them for a lovely walk on the beach today.  A bright October day.

All part of the “Can we get a dog?” campaign.

It’s been running for some time but has reached its peak this week.

Someone round every corner ready to ask.”Can we get a dog?”

“Can we Dad? Can we get a dog? Can we?”

Text messages too: Can we? Can we? Can we?

Last thing at night: “Can we?”.

First thing in the morning: “Dad? Can we?”.

I got an email from a workmate marked “Important!”

It said: “Get the weans a dug, go on,

go on,

go on,


I feel surrounded.

Tonight my younger daughter ran her mum a bath, layed out towels, assorted soaps and lotions and brought a brimming glass of wine.

“That was kind.” I said.

“No – I just want a dog.” Was the reply.