Dunbar pool

Every year when I was a kid we went on holiday to a cottage on the coast near Dunbar. We wrote a short note in the visitor book each summer. In 1978 my mum made a note of what we had written over the first 10 years – between 1968 and 1977.

The world changed a lot in that 10 years but what we did on holiday seems to have remained pretty similar. Fishing, watching wildlife and spending time on the beach or in the sea seem to be themes.

One activity that we enjoyed was going to the pool in Dunbar. In those days it was outdoors and filled with sea water which could be described as “bracing”.

As my dad wrote in 1970 “Keith and Ian also bathed in Dunbar pool but we funked it.”

Like so many outdoor pools it didn’t survive changing holiday trends and closed – in 1980, I think. North Berwick and Portobello lost their outdoor pools around the same time. Now you can scarcely see that it was ever there.

You can see from old pictures and films that it was a great looking¬†construction¬†– the new indoor pool doesn’t have the same elegance or romance.

It’s a lot warmer though – and you’re not likely to have to share it with jellyfish.

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