Stone sharks

wpid-IMAG0778.jpgwpid-IMAG0777.jpgIn Wester Ross for the weekend.

We came across stone sculptures amongst the rocks and dunes.

Stone sharks, a turtle a starfish surfaced on the close cropped turf.

The kids wanted to make their own – on a smaller scale.

We scanned the sea – no basking sharks today. There were however great skuas, black throated divers and a lone black guillemot.

Above the dunes, by a burn, a flock of twite were busy diplaying drabness as an artform.

Ice house

This is an ice house at St Colme House. It is on the north side of a small hill and so in the shade.  Filled with ice in the winter it would keep food chilled into the summer months and provide ice for the big house.




How the other half lived – or maybe how the other 1% lived. Bear in mind a mile away men, women and children were hewing coal out of holes in the ground to allow people to afford this luxury.